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Suzuki Turbo





GSXR1100R -93

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GSXR1100R -93 From Sweden


Suzuki GSX1195RW TIC

Suzuki gsx1100rw -93 with 1195cc Wiseco pistons.
Turbo is a Mitsubishi TD04HL 16T with size 7 turbine house will give about 300hp. 
Intercooler fuel pump and fuel regulator are from Mc-Xpress.
Turbo header are home made of stainless steel 38mm tube. The exhaust system 
and muffler are made of 2,5” tubes.
Plenum are home made in 2mm aluminum volume 1,8 liters.
Compression are lowered by a home made 2mm aluminum cylinder foot spacer.
Other equipment are Lambda gauge, Hi and low switch, Power shift.
Carburetors are stock Mikuni bst 40mm, except that they are pressurized.
The carburetors and fuel regulator are pressurized from the plenum chamber in the following way.

1. From Pitot tube to the Air vent hose.
2. From Plenum to the Diaphragm chamber hose.
3. From Plenum to the Fuel regulator.


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